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Don't stick these pineapples in your kid's lunchbox!

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Rum Broiled Grapefruit

Rum Broiled Grapefruit

If you've never had broiled grapefuit, now's the time to try it... with rum, of... 

  • 45
Nectarines in Red Wine

Nectarines in Red Wine

This... when you want to have a wine dessert, but you don't want to work hard.... 

  • 78
Tipsy Plums and Raspberries

Tipsy Plums and Raspberries

Looking for a quick and easy dessert? This one only takes 10 minutes to make.... 

  • 73
Drunken Peaches

Drunken Peaches

I've never been one for canning peaches -- until there was bourbon involved.... 

  • 138
Rice Pudding with Boozy Berry Compote

Rice Pudding with Boozy Berry Compote

Okay, okay... since they planted National Rice Pudding Day smack dab in the... 

  • 31
Rosé-Glazed Strawberry Tart

Rosé-Glazed Strawberry Tart

You make it with rosé, then you eat it with a glass of rosé. This is just... 

  • 46
Summer Berry Sangria Recipe

Summer Berry Sangria

This is one of those drinks I don't feel guilty about drinking every day. And... 

  • 515
Summer Bourbon Sangria Recipe

Summer Bourbon Sangria

This is one of those fruity (literally) drinks that'll dazzle your eyes and... 

  • 194
Strawberries Filled with Boozy Whipped Cream Recipe

Strawberries with Boozy Whipped Cream

I'm so happy Strawberries and Cream Day (May 21) falls on a Sunday. This gives... 

  • 140
Strawberry Mint Champagne Galette Recipe

Strawberry Mint Champagne Galette

In the summertime, I'm always looking to dazzle my backyard BBQ friends with my... 

  • 183
Jack Daniel's Sour Cherry Cobbler Recipe

Jack Daniel’s Sour Cherry Cobbler

If there's a better way to celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day (May 17th), I... 

  • 176
Sugared Champagne Grapes Recipe

Sugared Champagne Grapes

I'm a huge fan of frozen grapes in the summertime. (Throw them in the cooler... 

  • 188
Bourbon Peach Dump with Buttered Popcorn Recipe

Easiest Bourbon Peach Dump with Buttered Popcorn

Yes, you are looking at peaches, baked in bourbon, butter and brown sugar. Toss... 

  • 146
Drunk in Love Cocktail Recipe

Drunk in Love Cocktail

Don't let the little upside down bottle of Cook's fool ya. Thanks to the... 

  • 218
No-Bake Peach Mimosa Cheesecake Bars Recipe

No-Bake Peach Mimosa Cheesecake Bars

First off, the peach sauce is edible all by itself. (I mean when you read the... 

  • 167
Kiwi Caipiroska Salad Recipe

Kiwi Caipiroska Salad

The caipiroska is a prized cocktail in Brazil (which I didn't know, but makes... 

  • 146
Watermelon Keg Recipe

Watermelon Keg

As I type this, I'm just beginning to see the big watermelons at the... 

  • 178
Summer Moscato Strawberry Salad Recipe

Summer Moscato Strawberry Salad

This one is paleo, whole 30, vegan AND no sugar. All hail the moscato! 

  • 265

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