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Rum-sicles... vodka-sicles... wine-sicles... oh my!

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles Recipe

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles

Shall I enjoy these during a boozy brunch? Shall I have one for an afternoon... 

  • 57
Peach Sangria Granita Recipe

Peach Sangria Granita

This adult slushy is beaming with red wine and Peach Schnapps. When you finish... 

  • 43
Margarita Popsicles with Tequila - Recipe

Layered Margarita Popsicles

Pull these out of the freezer after your little dinner party, turn on some... 

  • 46
Baileys and Coffee Ice Pops Recipe

Baileys & Coffee Ice Pops

I love Baileys and coffee in the winter. But since I currently live in... 

  • 12
Slushed Boozy Treats Cookbook

Slushed!: More Than 150 Frozen, Boozy Treats for the Coolest Happy Hour Ever

When I saw "Slushed" I thought slushies, but noooo... this book is much more... 

  • 13
Boozy Mocha Popsicles - Vegan Recipe

Boozy Frozen Mocha Popsicles

A little vodka... a little Kahlua... and a few other vegan vitals makes one... 

  • 27
Champagne Popsicle Recipe

Champagne Popsicles

Champagne and sparkling wines freeze perfectly well without any watery fillers.... 

  • 37
Boozy Sweet Peach Tea Popsicles Recipe

Boozy Sweet Peach Tea Popsicles

Once I saw Peach Schnapps in the ingredient list, I knew these popsicles were... 

  • 16
Gin and Tonic Popsicles

Gin and Tonic Popsicles

At first I thought, "Gin in a popsicle???" But then I discovered that this... 

  • 15
Frozen Lemonade Vodka Popsicle Recipe

Lemonade Vodka Popsicles

This recipe is simple and smooth like Sunday morning. Though if you plan on... 

  • 66
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Red Wine Popsicle Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles

Can you imagine having a book club meeting and serving these popsicles mid-way?... 

  • 19
Red Wine Popsicles

Red Wine Popsicles provides us with a popsicle spin-off of tinto de verano (red... 

  • 23
Margarita Popsicle Recipe - Celebrate National Margarita Day on

Margarita Popsicles

Diamonds may be a girls best friends, but they damn sure can't keep you cool... 

  • 18

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