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I'm really not sure that it gets better than alcohol and chocolate.

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Kahlua Hot Cocoa Recipe

Kahlua Hot Cocoa

The mug says 'winter,' but my mouth says 'every morning.' (I think I'm gonna... 

  • 102
Chocolate Waffles Recipe

Chocolate Waffles

They're vegan... they're gluten-free... they have chocolate and beer. (Health... 

  • 76
Birthday Cake Brownie Brittle Recipe

Birthday Cake Brownie Brittle

Soooo the recipe calls for either 1/4 cup of cake flavored vodka, or water. I... 

  • 76
Chocolate Pasta with White Chocolate Liqueur Recipe

Chocolate Pasta with White Chocolate Liqueur

I never knew there was such a thing as chocolate pasta. (It's available on... 

  • 269
Kahlua and Chocolate Krispie Treat Recipe

Kahlua and Chocolate Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats are like the comfort food of desserts. With the addition of... 

  • 57
Boozy Oreo and Chocolate Cream Milkshake Recipe

Boozy Oreo and Chocolate Cream Milkshake

Dipping your Oreo's in milk is so "7-year-old-after-school-snack" time. Replace... 

  • 133
Easy Chocolate Kahlua Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate Kahlua Cake

Although National Chocolate Cake Day is on January 27, I feel like it should be... 

  • 260
Chocolate Merlot Cake Recipe

Chocolate Merlot Cake

On National Chocolate Cake Day (January 27), we honor a most delectable and... 

  • 129
Hard Cider Peanut Brittle with Bacon and Maple Recipe

Hard Cider Peanut Brittle with Maple and Bacon

I love that I can't say the name of this candy delight 3 times fast in a row.... 

  • 97
Mini Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Mini Baileys Chocolate Cheesecakes

When you find an easy cheesecake recipe, you hold on to it. When you find an... 

  • 173
Bacon Bourbon Brownies Recipe

Bacon Bourbon Brownies

Warning... I am NOT responsible for the 5 pounds you may or may not gain as a... 

  • 142
Easy Booze Cocoa Tiramisu Minis Recipe

Easy Boozy Cocoa Tiramisu Minis

I like how has tossed the baking part right out of the... 

  • 105
Boozy Chocolate Caramel Cups Recipe

Boozy Chocolate Caramel Cups

If you want people to be completely impressed with your boozy chocolate making... 

  • 121
Red Wine Hot Chocolate Black Tap Milkshake Recipe

Red Wine Hot Chocolate Black Tap Milkshakes

There's dessert porn and then there's hardcore dessert porn. I think you... 

  • 161
Pinot Noir Fondue Recipe

Pinot Noir Fondue

We have a saying around the Chew Your Booze headquarters -- wine fondue rocks!... 

  • 117
Chocolate Bourbon Waffles

Chocolate Bourbon Waffles

As if chocolate and bourbon in a friggin waffle weren't enough, you can top it... 

  • 182
White Chocolate and Champagne Cheesecake Shooters

White Chocolate and Champagne Cheesecake Shooters

If you're going to add champagne to chocolate, I prefer a white chocolate so... 

  • 166
Triple Chocolate Kahlua Cake Recipe

Triple Chocolate Kahlua Cake

That Kahlua sauce going over the cake is like some kind of dessert fantasy. I... 

  • 147

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