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Poppin bottles next to a super hot... oven!

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles Recipe

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles

Shall I enjoy these during a boozy brunch? Shall I have one for an afternoon... 

  • 57
Mini Strawberry Champagne Trifles Recipe

Mini Strawberry Champagne Trifles

If you get excited when there's 'no baking required' AND there's champagne... 

  • 20
Strawberry Champagne Soup Recipe

Strawberry Champagne Soup

Can be served hot or cold or mouth-to-mouth (if you're serving this on... 

  • 112
Black Pepper-Raspberry Sorbet with Prosecco Recipe

Black Pepper–Raspberry Sorbet with Prosecco

I would've never thought to add pepper to sorbet, but it adds a savory touch... 

  • 59
Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats Recipe

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

I would readily declare this one boozy brunch-ified, except I'm having my... 

  • 90
Champagne Waffles

Champagne Waffles

Break out that dusty waffle maker and pop the bottle of bubbly! Champagne makes... 

  • 45
White Chocolate and Champagne Cheesecake Shooters

White Chocolate and Champagne Cheesecake Shooters

If you're going to add champagne to chocolate, I prefer a white chocolate so... 

  • 99
Champagne Float Recipe

Champagne Float

We make champagne floats (religiously) at our monthly friends brunch. And... 

  • 51
White Chocolate Champagne Fondue Recipe

White Chocolate Champagne Fondue

Fondue is one sexy mofo. Warm sauce just dripping from your food stuff into... 

  • 33
Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet Recipe

Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet

This is the kind of dessert my Aunt Sandra would call 'snazzy.' I would love... 

  • 32
Strawberry and Champagne Cake Ball Recipe

Strawberry and Champagne Cake Balls has this innate ability to make my mouth water on demand. (I'm... 

  • 20
PInk Champagne Cookie Recipe

Pink Champagne Cookies

These cookies call for a hearty 2 1/2 cups of champagne. So yes, they taste as... 

  • 39
Pink Champagne Macarons Recipe

Pink Champagne Macarons

These are so pretty, and yet I'd eat them up like Cookie Monster. 

  • 34
Strawberry Champagne Pancake Recipe

Strawberry and Champagne Pancakes

Apparently the bubbly is what makes these pancakes uber fluffy. But the truly... 

  • 84
Mimosa Truffles Recipe

Mimosa Truffles

Since mimosas are traditionally a brunchy cocktail, I would definitely eat... 

  • 43
Strawberry Champagne Truffle Recipe

Strawberry and Champagne Truffles

Truffles made from white chocolate are my favorite. Champagne is my favorite... 

  • 19
Vegan Champagne Gummies - Recipe

Vegan Champagne Gummies

If you're vegan and you find the boozy food lifestyle enticing -- (pffft... who... 

  • 20
Champagne Strawberry Jello Shots

Champagne Strawberry Jello Shots

Even if you're wearing 6-inch heels and a Roberto Cavalli frock - (or a Tom... 

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