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Pineapple Prosecco Slushie

Pineapple Prosecco Slushie

Just alcohol and fruit... exactly the way nature intended. 

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Mimosa Smoothie

Mimosa Smoothie

Would it be wrong of me to make a mimosa smoothie before I go to the gym? Hmmm.... 

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Strawberry Prosecco Cake Pops

Strawberry Prosecco Cake Pops

I would be very, very afraid to have a tray of these just sitting on the table... 

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Strawberry Mint Champagne Galette Recipe

Strawberry Mint Champagne Galette

In the summertime, I'm always looking to dazzle my backyard BBQ friends with my... 

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Sugared Champagne Grapes Recipe

Sugared Champagne Grapes

I'm a huge fan of frozen grapes in the summertime. (Throw them in the cooler... 

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Drunk in Love Cocktail Recipe

Drunk in Love Cocktail

Don't let the little upside down bottle of Cook's fool ya. Thanks to the... 

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No-Bake Peach Mimosa Cheesecake Bars Recipe

No-Bake Peach Mimosa Cheesecake Bars

First off, the peach sauce is edible all by itself. (I mean when you read the... 

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Boozy Fruit Gushers Recipe

Boozy Champagne Mimosa Fruit Gushers

I've never been a fruit candy type of girl -- that is until I came across this... 

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Strawberry Prosecco Cupcake Recipe

Strawberry Prosecco Cupcakes

You can make this one from scratch or from a box cake mix. Honestly, I don't... 

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White Chocolate Pink Champagne Cupcake Recipe

White Chocolate Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Each cupcake should be eaten with a glass of champagne -- or is it 2 glasses of... 

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One Pan Baked Champagne Cream Sauce Fettuccine with Truffle Oil Recipe

One Pan Baked Champagne Cream Sauce Fettuccine with Truffle Oil

I can't tell if I'm more in love with the fact that it has champagne... truffle... 

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Lavender Lemonade Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Lavender Lemonade Prosecco Cocktail

I LOVE the idea of lavender in my prosecco. I also LOVE that this isn't served... 

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Raspberry Lychee Champagne Float Recipe

Raspberry Lychee Sorbet Champagne Float

I love a good sorbet champagne float. And I give this recipe 98 extra points... 

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Champagne Pear Crepes Recipe

Champagne Pear Crepes

Blender crepes... champagne syrup... (ahem, CHAMPAGNE SYRUP!!!!)... can I get a... 

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Cronut with Champagne Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Cronut with Champagne Chocolate Ganache

I'm a HUGE fan of cronuts, but I'm also aware that this is not for beginning... 

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Fruit Salad with Champagne Mimosa Dressing Recipe

Fruit Salad with Champagne Mimosa Dressing

This is hands down THE sexiest fruit salad I've ever seen in my life. Doesn't... 

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Mimosa Monkey Bread Recipe

Mimosa Monkey Bread

Thank goodness this is an easy monkey bread recipe... it only requires 10... 

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No Bake Champagne Cookie Pops Recipe

No Bake Champagne Cookie Pops

There's nothing better than a no-bake champagne dessert. Why? Because there's... 

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