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Should liquor infused cookies be dipped in more liquor or milk? Hmmm...

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Rum Soaked Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Rum Soaked Chocolate Chip Cookies

On May 15th we celebrate a wonderful holiday called National Chocolate Chip... 

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Chocolate Beer Biscotti Recipe

Chocolate Beer Biscotti

Otherwise known as 'beerscotti,' the official beer dunking cookie of bar... 

  • 224
Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is one of those lazy Sunday evening desserts, when the only thing you did... 

  • 162
Rum and Raising Oatmeal Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Rum & Raisin Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

I've yet to find an oatmeal cookie recipe that I didn't like... but with rum,... 

  • 181
Brown Sugar Beer Cookies Recipe

Brown Sugar Beer Cookies

If you're a fan of soft cookies (as opposed to crunchy) this recipe is for you.... 

  • 174
No Bake Champagne Cookie Pops Recipe

No Bake Champagne Cookie Pops

There's nothing better than a no-bake champagne dessert. Why? Because there's... 

  • 187
Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

I really like the idea of a chocolate chip cookie with a splash of my favorite... 

  • 238
Heart Sandwich Cookies with Prosecco Buttercream Recipe

Heart Sandwich Cookies with Prosecco Buttercream

Make these for someone you love. And since you should love yourself above all... 

  • 172
Orange Amaretto Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

Orange-Amaretto Pizzelle Cookies

Yes... these are traditionally Christmas cookies. And yes... they do require a... 

  • 157
Drunken Oreo Madness Cocktail Recipe

Drunken Oreo Madness

Seeing as though National Oreo Cookie Day only comes around once a year, you... 

  • 275
Chocolate Stout Macaroons Recipe

Chocolate Stout Macaroons

Looking for a game day recipe that's sure to bring all the boys to the yard? A... 

  • 166
Vodka Cookie Recipe

Vodka Cookies

I'm always impressed when a recipe has alcohol in both the dish (in this case,... 

  • 170
Chocolate Rum Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Rum Cookies

When it comes to baking boozy desserts, you don't have to go fancy or... 

  • 246
Coconut Amaretto Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Coconut Amaretto Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I like it when a recipe creator doesn't fudge around with the booze in the... 

  • 182
Fireball Balls - No Bake Cookie Recipe

Fireball Balls

These are actually no-bake cookies, which is great if you need a quick boozy... 

  • 220
Malibu Rum Raisin Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Malibu Rum Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

I have been thinking about humongous oatmeal raisin cookies all day! Just mouth... 

  • 335
Raspberry Amaretto Cookie Bars Recipe

Raspberry Amaretto Cookie Bars

Sometimes you need breakfast for dinner. And sometimes you need a pizza-looking... 

  • 300
Salted Bourbon Caramel Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Salted Bourbon Caramel Shortbread Cookies

Oh my gosh! I love homemade shortbread cookies. Never had one topped with... 

  • 177

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