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If a vodka infused dessert can't make it better, then try TWO vodka infused desserts.

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Salted Caramel Boozy Milkshake Recipe

Salted Caramel Boozy Milkshake

April 5th is Caramel Day, and this salted caramel vodka-y milkshake brings all... 

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Cadbury Creme Egg Shots

Cadbury Creme Egg Shots

A little vodka and Kahlua will make your Easter very Eastery. Yes... Eastery! 

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Chocolate Vodka Baked Doughnuts Recipe

Chocolate Vodka Baked Doughnuts

Chocolate vodka, strawberries and doughnuts make for a very enjoyable... 

  • 154
Boozy Blackberry Vodka Popsicles

Boozy Blackberry Crush Popsicles

How about we just call this the pre-brunch snack as we nibble on 1... or 3.... 

  • 323
Dirty Martini Eggs Recipe

Dirty Martini Eggs

Finally... a REAL reason to call them deviled eggs! 

  • 229
Skinny Strawberry Lime Vodka Spritzer Recipe

Skinny Strawberry Lime Vodka Spritzer

Suppose you're on a diet... voila! (And you're welcome.) 

  • 179
Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters Recipe

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters

These are legit homemade Rice Krispie treats, put into a milkshake of milk,... 

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Drunken Oreo Madness Cocktail Recipe

Drunken Oreo Madness

Seeing as though National Oreo Cookie Day only comes around once a year, you... 

  • 274
Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

Texas Sheet Cake

It's a little hard to believe that something so good looking on the boozy... 

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King Cake Jello Shot Recipe

King Cake Jello Shots

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all! Have a shot on me! 

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Birthday Cake Brownie Brittle Recipe

Birthday Cake Brownie Brittle

Soooo the recipe calls for either 1/4 cup of cake flavored vodka, or water. I... 

  • 213
Drunken Oranges Recipe

Drunken Oranges

I don't see anything wrong with this picture. Nope! Everything is perfect...... 

  • 248
Vodka Cookie Recipe

Vodka Cookies

I'm always impressed when a recipe has alcohol in both the dish (in this case,... 

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Mini Boozy King Cake Recipe

Mini Boozy King Cake

A little cake, a little jelly shot and a cup of Key Lime Pie flavored vodka... 

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Boozy Lemonade Blueberry Cupcakes Recipe

Boozy Lemonade Blueberry Cupcakes

The cupcakes have that lemonade zing. The icing has that blueberry vodka zing.... 

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Vodka Soaked Strawberries Recipe

Vodka Soaked Strawberries

Make these for someone you love -- like ME! Just kidding! (But maybe not, if... 

  • 231
Boozy Oreo and Chocolate Cream Milkshake Recipe

Boozy Oreo and Chocolate Cream Milkshake

Dipping your Oreo's in milk is so "7-year-old-after-school-snack" time. Replace... 

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Swedish Fish Jello Shots Recipe

Swedish Fish Jello Shots

Just when you thought jello shots couldn't get more exciting... BAM... this... 

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