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Bananas Foster Banana Bread

Bananas Foster Banana Bread

This is like the 'grown-and-sexy' version of banana bread. Lots of rum,… 

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Bourbon Banana Pancakes

Bourbon Banana Pancakes

Even though "just-add-water" pancake mix is ultra convenient, water is no… 

  • 2.5K
Rum Baked Banana Recipe

Rum Baked Bananas

This is some real-deal tropical business right here -- and it's one of my… 

  • 2.3K
Banana Fritters with Boozy Coffee Sauce Recipe

Banana Fritters with Boozy Coffee Sauce

The woman who created this recipe should win an award for making me the… 

  • 2.9K
Grown Up Peanut Butter with Boozy Bananas Recipe

Grown Up Peanut Butter with Boozy Bananas

This is the peanut butter and banana sandwich I'd like for lunch! And dinner.… 

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Honey Rum Grilled Bananas Recipe

Honey Rum Grilled Bananas

This is one of those dishes I could eat for 12 days straight as dessert... or… 

  • 2.4K
Boozy Blackberry Flourless Pancakes Recipe

Boozy Blackberry Flourless Pancakes

For the boozy food eater who's also health-conscious... I introduce you to a… 

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