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Bourbon and Blackberry Jam Bars

Bourbon & Blackberry Jam Bars

While I'm sitting here munching down on my overnight oatmeal, I'm thinking of… 

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Boozy Watermelon Pizza Recipe

Boozy Watermelon Pizza

This is the kind of pizza I can enjoy on National Picnic Day (April 23)! 

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Blackberry Mint Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Blackberry Mint Kombucha Mojito

I'm going to start a boozy yoga class, and this is what I'll serve. Probiotic… 

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Boozy Blackberry Vodka Popsicles

Boozy Blackberry Crush Popsicles

How about we just call this the pre-brunch snack as we nibble on 1... or 3.… 

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Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Jam Recipe

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Jam

Someone made me a jar of this jam a few years ago. I ate it ALL in less than a… 

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Boozy Blackberry Pancakes with Orange and Almond Recipe

Boozy Blackberry Pancakes with Orange and Almond

These pancakes are a liqueur surprise. You've got Grand Marnier... Kirsh (or… 

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Boozy Blackberry Flourless Pancakes Recipe

Boozy Blackberry Flourless Pancakes

For the boozy food eater who's also health-conscious... I introduce you to a… 

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Blackberry Merlot Jelly Recipe

Blackberry Merlot Jelly

For all you brie and baguette eaters, this blackberry merlot jelly is like… 

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Blackberry Cabernet Cupcakes Recipe

Blackberry Cabernet Cupcakes

What a rare (and delicious looking!) treat has given us with… 

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