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Bourbon Banana Pancakes

Bourbon Banana Pancakes

Even though "just-add-water" pancake mix is ultra convenient, water is no… 

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Cinnamon Sugar Waffles with Rosé Berries

Cinnamon Sugar Wafles with Rosé Berries

And a dollop of ice cream sandwiched in there, because f-it... it's a boozy… 

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Mojito Pancakes

Mojito Pancakes

A little rum, a little lime, and a little mint in the butter can create a lot… 

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Boozy Baked French Toast

Boozy Baked French Toast

You let the brioche soak overnight in the Jamaican rum concoction. In the… 

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French Toast Kabobs with Butter Rum Syrup

French Toast Kabobs with Butter Rum Syrup

There is no better bread for french toast than challah. And there is no better… 

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Boozy Black Forest Pancakes Recipe

Boozy Black Forest Pancakes

If you walk into my house, and you see a mountainous stack like this on the… 

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Pina Colada French Toast Recipe

Pina Colada French Toast

I suppose you could call this a breakfast food. But for me, this is dessert.… 

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Mini Mimosa Pancake Stacks Recipe

Mini Mimosa Pancake Stacks

Uh-huh... that is a delicious dollop of champagne cream sitting on top of that… 

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Bourbon Soaked Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Recipe

Bourbon Soaked Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

I'm sure they made a mistake in this recipe when they said to, "Devour while… 

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Bourbon Pomegranate Waffle Recipe

Bourbon Pomegranate Waffles

The waffle-making is perfect if you want it quick-n-easy. The syrup and the… 

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