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Pear Thyme and Gin Cake

Pear Thyme and Gin Cake

It's herbaceous, filled with fragrant pears and laced with gin. All that's… 

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Pear and Ginger Rum Runner

Pear & Ginger Rum Runner

This is such a smooth and indulgent winter cocktail. Makes you wanna go outside… 

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Pear Bourbon Smash Cocktail

Pear Bourbon Smash Cocktail

With a healthy addition of overripe pears, maple syrup and allspice, this… 

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Pear and Riesling Popsicle

Pear & Riesling Popsicle

One must match their seasonal fruits to their boozy food making. As summer… 

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Champagne Pear Crepes Recipe

Champagne Pear Crepes

Blender crepes... champagne syrup... (ahem, CHAMPAGNE SYRUP!!!!)... can I get a… 

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Grannies Red Wine Chocolate and Pear Cake Recipe

Grannies Chocolate Red Wine and Pear Cake

If this is how German grandma's get busy in the kitchen, I need to borrow… 

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Browned Butter Waffles with Spiced Pear Topping Recipe

Browned Butter Waffles with Spiced Pear Topping

A hint of spiced dark rum in the pear topping is what gives these browned… 

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Pear Rumchata Cheese Tarts Recipe

Pear RumChata Cheese Tarts

This looks totally fancy... like something you'd spend hours slaving… 

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Rum and Pear Pancakes Recipe

Rum and Pear Pancakes

Rum and pear... rum and pear... rum. and. pear. Hmmmm... I like the sound of… 

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