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Raspberry Mimosa Cupcakes

Raspberry Mimosa Cupcakes

If I were making these at home, there would be raspberry champagne buttercream… 

  • 7.4K
Champagne Mousse with Chambord

Champagne Mousse with Chambord

I would eat this for breakfast. Seriously. Okay brunch... makes perfect sense… 

  • 3.9K
Raspberry Chambord Squares

Raspberry Chambord Squares

A lovely shortbread crust, with a raspberry filling and a Chambord glaze. If… 

  • 3.4K
Chocolate Vodka Raspberry Cupcakes

Chocolate Vodka Raspberry Cupcakes

As soon as I saw the title, I thought to myself, "These are binging cupcakes!"… 

  • 3.6K
Raspberry Lychee Champagne Float Recipe

Raspberry Lychee Sorbet Champagne Float

I love a good sorbet champagne float. And I give this recipe 98 extra points… 

  • 3.3K
Raspberry Mango Wine Popsicles Recipe

Raspberry Mango Wine Popsicles

It's made with fresh mangoes, fresh raspberries, chardonnay and orange liqueur… 

  • 2.5K
Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis Recipe

Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

There's nothing worse than leaving that poor container of sorbet all lonely and… 

  • 2.8K
Raspberry Amaretto Cookie Bars Recipe

Raspberry Amaretto Cookie Bars

Sometimes you need breakfast for dinner. And sometimes you need a pizza-looking… 

  • 3K
Champagne Raspberry Cupcake Recipe

Champagne Raspberry Cupcakes

I always say, "This alcohol is my favorite..." and "That alcohol is realllly my… 

  • 3.6K
Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles Recipe

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles

Shall I enjoy these during a boozy brunch? Shall I have one for an afternoon… 

  • 2.8K
Black Pepper-Raspberry Sorbet with Prosecco Recipe

Black Pepper–Raspberry Sorbet with Prosecco

I would've never thought to add pepper to sorbet, but it adds a savory touch… 

  • 2.5K
Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats Recipe

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

I would readily declare this one boozy brunch-ified, except I'm having my… 

  • 3.2K
Champagne and berry dessert

Champagne Sabayon with Berries

This is what I call a 'dinner party chic' alcohol dessert. Not too hard. Not… 

  • 2.5K

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