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Cinnamon Sugar Waffles with Rosé Berries

Cinnamon Sugar Wafles with Rosé Berries

And a dollop of ice cream sandwiched in there, because f-it... it's a boozy… 

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No Bake Rosé Pie

No Bake Rosé Pie

A little Chambord. Lots of rosé wine. Ice cream-ish. (Actually there's no ice… 

  • 534
Rosé-Glazed Strawberry Tart

Rosé-Glazed Strawberry Tart

You make it with rosé, then you eat it with a glass of rosé. This is just… 

  • 3.2K
Drunken Strawberries Recipe

Drunken Strawberries

The recipe is super simple... the alcohol of choice is rosé... and they… 

  • 796
Pink Champagne White Chocolate and Rose Layer Cake Recipe

Pink Champagne, White Chocolate and Rose Layer Cake

While my cake wouldn't look as decadent as this one, it's just as tasty when… 

  • 850
Rose Wine Granita Recipe

Rosé Wine Granita

Alas... the snow cone of wine lovers! And it's pink... squeeeee! 

  • 598
Rose Slushy Recipe

Rosé Slushy

You can be in an igloo in the middle of a snow storm wearing mukluks that come… 

  • 754
Rose Lemon Sorbet Recipe from WholeFoods

Rosé Lemon Sorbet

If jello shots aren't your thing, this rosé lemon sorbet is a perfect… 

  • 739
Boozy Rose Cake Truffles Recipe

Boozy Rose Cake Truffles

Rose petals and rum all politely truffled up for fancy dinner parties and lazy… 

  • 697
Wine Filled Gumdrops Recipe

Rosé Wine Gumdrops

This recipe gets my vote as a party favorite since it's mostly… 

  • 778

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