15 French Toast Recipes with an Alcohol-icious Twist

The ‘boozy’ part of boozy brunches isn’t just about mimosas. There’s also room for bourbon, Baileys, rum, whiskey and other assorted libations — not in a glass, but in your french toast. Yes, boozy french toast is a thing and the varieties can boggle (and delight) the tastebuds.

Below you’ll find 15 liquor-laden french toast recipes. And yes, now you have the perfect reason to start using those mini bottles you’ve been collecting!

Baileys Spiked French Toast from BeyondTheFrosting.com
It’s not just the fact that there’s Baileys in the french toast and the chocolate sauce. It’s the fact that you can triple down and put Baileys in your coffee too. No wonder I call Baileys the extra virgin olive oil of liquors!
Baileys Spiked French Toast

Tiramisu French Toast Casserole from ASpicyPerspective.com
When tiramisu is involved, you better wear sweatpants to this meal. I’m just sayin’!
Tiramisu French Toast

Caramelized Peach French Toast from SimplyHomecooked.com
Hang around long enough and you’ll soon discover that, I have a serious love affair with all things caramelized. The peaches in this dish of french toast fantastic-ness are caramelized in rum. They go perfectly with the cinnamon-sugar coating on the french toast.
Caramelized Peaches French Toast

Coconut Rum Banana Upside Down Croissant French Toast Casserole from TheGoldLiningGirl.com
If you’ve had more than 2 mimosas, don’t try to repeat the title of this recipe! Just grab yourself a plateful… post a little sign on the refrigerator, (so everybody knows what it is), then watch it disappear in minutes.
Coconut Rum Banana Upside Down Croissant French Toast

Amaretto Creme Vegan French Toast from HeartOfABaker.com
I love coming across boozy vegan brunch foods. #1, so I’ll always have options for my vegan visitors. And #2, so that I don’t have to make separate meals for everybody. When you add alcohol it levels the playing field every single time.
Amaretto Creme Vegan French Toast

Pumpkin Beer Bread French Toast from MelanieMakes.com
For this recipe, you’ll be making your own bread with a lovely pumpkin (or dark) ale.
Pumpkin Beer Bread

Boozy Bourbon Soaked Cinnamon Raisin French Toast from ExtraCrispy.com
There’s a shot of bourbon in the french toast batter… and several shots of bourbon in the whipped cream. So don’t be shocked if you find yourself eating whipped cream on top of everything for the next 5 hours.
Boozy Bourbon Soaked Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Sangria Stuffed French Toast from MelanieMakes.com
Put some sangria into the french toast, pour the rest into your glass… chew, chew, chew… drink, drink, drink… repeat in 7 days.
Sangria Stuffed French Toast

Whipped Ricotta Topped French Toast with Boozy Blood Orange Compote from SugarAndCloth.com
If you’re going to put oranges on your french toast, then go for blood oranges. And if you’re going to mix your blood oranges with alcohol, the hands down it ought to be Grand Marnier. Why? Because it tastes like angels singing from cotton candy clouds, that’s why!
Whipped Ricotta Topped French Toast with Boozy Blood Orange Compote

Boozy Cornflake Crusted French Toast from BuzzFeed.com
I never thought I’d be excited to see bourbon and Corn Flakes together, but here I am… nodding with wide eyed excitement at a piece of french toast that’s coated with cereal. Straight up foodporn to the max!
Boozy Corn Flake Crusted French Toast

Whiskey Custard French Toast from TheHungryHounds.com
You know you’re a french toast fanatic when you’re looking at a plate of syrup-less french toast like it’s filet mignon. (And just wait till you see the ingredients!)
Whiskey Custard French Toast

Bourbon Banana Nut Stuffed French Toast from CountryCleaver.com
Pecans and bourbon and bananas, oh my! If you ever want breakfast for dinner, your belly will thank you (and you’ll sleep like a newborn baby) with this one.
Bourbon Banana Nut Stuffed French Toast

Champagne Custard French Toast from ReaderEater.com
I have a steadfast rule that when a bottle of champagne gets popped in my house, it is completely finished with 24 hours (though usually less). That’s why it’s important to have champagne recipes on hand — like this one. You can make some with the french toast, then have mimosas. No worries about half-finished bottles!
Champagne Custard French Toast

Stuffed Wheat Beer French Toast with Mascarpone, Orange Zest and Pistachios from BeerBitty.com
This recipe has beer in the french toast and bourbon (or rum) in the spiked orange syrup. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure this is the breakfast of champions.
Stuffed Wheat Beer French Toast

Spiked Donut French Toast with Vanilla-Roasted Plums from TheSugarHit.com
No need to feel guilty that you’re having rum-kissed french toast for breakfast… you can balance it out with vanilla plums. (Which sounds like a dream in itself!)
Spiked Donut French Toast with Vanilla Roasted Plums


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